Does the word 'Business Networking' make you Nauseas?

Have you approached Business Networking with Dread 🤢 fearing the inevitable interaction with Energy Vampires? 

Energy Vampires are those not-so-nice people who only think about themselves and just keep talking about themselves without letting you get a word in edgewise.

To be fair, you can't blame them. They Looooove the sound of their voice... 😵


...don't know of a better way to do Business Networking.

But, there IS a better way.

You've felt it as well.

You've thought - there Must be Better way to do Business Networking!

You've been looking for it, but haven't found it...

... until now!

Dynamite is very different.

We're not for everyone.

We're certainly not for Energy Vampires (we keep 'em out) 😄

Our Purpose is to Ignite Authentic Human Connection and to level-up your business thereafter!


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