Hello Dynamite Ambassadors!

Thank you for your interest in being an Dynamite Brand Ambassador, we are excited to have you. 

1. Comp ticket to the event you’ll be an Ambassador at
2. Opportunity to be seen as a leader at the event and engage with all the guests 
3. You’ll also be tagged (unless you request not to be) in the event social media promo 
4. Opportunity to win free tickets to future events 

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Reach Venue no later than 5.15PM on the day of the event
    • Check-in with Sarah & Rajiv to let them know you’ve reached and are ready to get started 
  • Be ready to help with guest check in, name tags, swag bags, etc.
  • We will be selling raffle tickets for selecting 3 winners for a TV Interview.
    • You will also get 1 comp raffle ticket and are free to purchase additional tickets for yourself if you like
  • We will have several contests for our Ambassadors 
    • Top Raffle Ticket Seller  
    • Top Mailing List signups  
    • Top Membership Sales  
  • Feel free to mingle and facilitate intros among the guests – AFTER the check-in role at the beginning of the event has been completed
    • All Ambassadors will take turns to man the customer service desk throughout the event (to sell memberships), while the others participate in the event in shifts of 20 mins each

Brand Ambassador Prizes:

  • Most raffle tickets = 2 free night event tickets plus 2 comp guest tickets for night events 
  • Most email sign ups = 1 free night event ticket plus 1 comp guest ticket 
  • Most new member sign ups= 2 free night event tickets plus 5 comp guest tickets for a night event, 1 Free Entry to a Day Event